Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

This program is designed for T early starters who are determined to run those extra miles surpassing other. In this program we expect those prodigies who are passionate about basic science and technologies.

We have taken up Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology from the very root and have designed a course curriculum where more emphasis is given to the subjects over the normal flow of school. Here we try to develop the right set of mind needed to understand a subject. We have a collection of reference books, acclaimed world-wide, for the respective subjects.

Classes are conducted on weekly basis. Study materials and practice assignments are given regularly. Documentary movies on inventions and experiments are shown. Interactive sessions with experts and a few bright minds are kept at a regular frequency to keep the focus on and help students dream big in science and technology. Special classes in camp mode are conducted during vacations.

Preparation for Board with high Competitive Exams.

  • All sessions are interactive and ensure students participation so as to effectively grasp the concepts in a stress free environment.
  • Separate batch for all the interested students who want to take part in various scholarship exams like NTSE, Olympiads and KVPY are also prepared to provide rigorous training to these students.
  • Study material is such that it provides foundation for future competitive exams like IIT-JEE and Pre-Medical.
  • Special workshops and seminars on Paper Attempting Strategy for NTSE, IJSO and various Olympiads like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, Regional Mathematics and International Science Fairs are conducted.
  • Periodic Tests and analysis are conducted.

School support program for junior classes

  • This program is designed for the students of secondary level. Sequencing of the topics is kept as per the school curriculum.
  • Subjects covered are Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer science.
  • Classes covered are VII / VIII / IX / X
  • Classes are conducted on a weekly basis. Practice assignments are provided at the end of the classes.
  • Performance Monitoring System : Tests are conducted at regular frequency.