About Us


To introduce ourselves, we are a professionally managed and technology driven group of teachers engaged in guiding students in their formative age. We are working on the same motto of making our students strong both academically and mentally to face this fast changing and highly competitive world. As individual teachers, we have worked for many organizations and taught thousands of students – many of them got success in JEEs and PMTs and some not. But when we interact with them 10/15 years down the line, we find one common thing that they have learnt to face the world. Now, as we have come together to make a platform, we always try to make an electrifying ambience where students feel the urge to perform better. But one should remember that coaching is just not teaching. We need supports from several other professionals- be ‘it’ video lectures or organizing the classes, tests or arranging doubt classes based on the feedback of the students or mentoring the students to keep them stress free.

We have a dedicated team where everyone is working in a mission mode- mission of making future stars who are just a prodigy now. We are thankful to the students and parents whose motivation has made us a group of people recognized in the society with regards. We are thankful to the successful rankers who have made our heads high and those who could not, to keep us ground footed. Keep on believing us to teach you better.